Why is common ground different?

At common Ground we simply go further for our clients. We are not just here to wire up your project… we provide a deep understanding of product knowledge, project support, seamless assistance with city inspections, wholesalers, design firms, reps and other industry partners that are crucial to the completion of a successful project. We work with our builders and clients on all aspects of design, mechanical, and cutting edge tech. We are up to date on new trends such as EV’s smart homes, wireless technology, and lighting design, residential, commercial, and light industrial practices. We are well versed in navigating building and electrical codes, inspections and permits, as well as organizing and cooperating with supply authorities (Enmax/fortis).

Custom Home Electrical

Our specialty is higher end custom home builds. It’s where we shine the brightest. We partner with some of Calgary’s best home builders and renovators to build and renovate one of a kind custom homes. Some of our partners include design to build firms like Bioi, creating stunning homes with original design and architecture ideas not seen anywhere else. We renovate with teams like Rouse Projects Rouse Projects to revitalize spaces and help home owners re-fall in love with their homes.

Commercial Electrical

We are proud of the commercial builds we’ve been a part of as well. These projects are typically with partners that specifically sought us out to work closely with them to achieve a specific result. Examples include Clients like Marr and Co.  in Airdrie, who hired us to help completely rebuild a historic Airdrie building on the corner of first and main. Along with the design firm and the owners we were very involved in keeping the feel of the original building while adding a modern elegant element that breathed new life into an otherwise forgotten building.

Industrial Electrical

Common Ground has played crucial roles with our clients and their industrial spaces, helping to bring online new state of the art machinery to expand and add to their already thriving business. Companies like Denca Cabinets Denca Cabinets have trusted us to keep machines, transformers and motors running.

We were happy to be a part of their shop expansion and to assist in the addition of new CNC machines, state of the art robotic paint booths, and new compressors so they could boost production and keep themselves on the cutting edge of their industry.