So, you’re getting an EV


There are a lot of EV options out there. Every major manufacturer is introducing new electric vehicle models each year. You’ve done your research and decided on a make and model. Before you make your purchase (and laugh every time you pass a gas station) you need to decide how to charge your new EV.

Unfortunately, installing electric vehicle supply equipment in your home can be a confusing and overwhelming process. Understanding what you need and what you don’t, navigating electrical codes, city permitting, and figuring out what your home is capable of in terms of available power are all things you will need to consider. The more you read online, the more it seems that everyone has an opinion on the right way to do things. Many of them are different. A lot of them are wrong.

It doesn’t have to be this stressful.

At Common Ground Electric, we do this every day. We provide worry-free installations for virtually every electrical need. We start with a consultation, to design the right system for your needs and budget. Our team will educate you on the important stuff, provide electrical permits, and then install your charge point so that it’s ready the day you bring home your new car.

Reach out to us and let us handle everything.

Electric Car Charging at Home with Electric Car Power Supply Equipment

We can install chargers for any make and model

Electric Vehicle Charging Port

While many manufacturers offer their own versions proprietary EV chargers to power their vehicles, they all connect to your home in virtually the same way. Understanding that connection is where we excel!

We sell and install Leviton home charge points

Leviton Electrical Supply

Leviton chargers offer several advantages over other in-home EV charging units, including WiFi capability for real-time monitoring, scheduling for peak time management and data tracking to help you understand your usage.

Are you ready for more info?

Contact us today for a free consultation. We will explain the whole process and advise on a plan that meets your needs, from permitting to powering up your vehicle at home for the first time!